36th International Conference: DANUBE.RIVER.LIFE


Aim & Scope

The River Danube, the geographical and historical link between the Central and South East European countries, and its catchment are the backbone of past and future activities of the International Association for Danube Research (IAD). Founded in 1956, the IAD formed the interface between science, administration and water management in its widest sense. Triggered by the common water policy of the EU, best represented by the Water Framework Directive (WFD) of the European Communities, the IAD has a wider field than ever to which it can contribute its knowledge and expertise, not to forget its role in bringing together people and organisations from the whole Danube basin. The 50 years anniversary of IAD is a forum for presenting and discussing recent developments in WFD-related activities, of presenting up-to date research in the catchment focused on biodiversity, river restoration, and water quality. The explicit aim of the conference is to link institutional experience and scientific expertise for the challenges in future, as one of the successful basic principles of IAD since its foundation. Moreover, concepts will be worked out during this anniversary conference to take advantage of existing long-term investigations, and those to be initiated, as a strategic guideline for the future ecological, conservational and economic development of the River Danube.