36th International Conference: DANUBE.RIVER.LIFE


Manuscript Guidelines

Guidelines for Short Publications – Proceedings Volume

Note: This applies to oral presentations as well as poster contributions!

Absolute deadline for manuscript submission: June 15, 2006. Please submit your manuscripts as soon as possible, even before this deadline!

See Pt. 16, Text Layout: please write your running text SINGLE SPACED.

Authors of accepted abstracts are asked to strictly follow the guidelines given below as to reduce the effort of preparing the Proceedings Volume to a minimum. Contributions not in accordance with the guidelines below will be returned for immediate amendment and resubmission prior to review.

Please send your manuscripts to manuscript@oen-iad.org.

  1. The Short Communications for the Proceedings Volume will be prepared as a CD (like SIL Conference Proceedings) and – additionally – contents will be prepared for download from this website.

    Note: ISBN is envisaged for the CD.

  2. Manuscripts must not exceed 5 (in words: five!) A4 pages. Longer manuscripts will be sent back to the authors for immediate shortening.
  3. Manuscripts will be peer reviewed.
  4. Manuscripts must be print ready, that is final file must include references, acknowledgements, tables, figures, diagrams etc.
  5. Language: English. Authors make sure the language meets international quality requirements!
  6. Program: MS WORD
  7. Style: Times New Roman
  8. Page margins: upper = 2.5 cm, left = 2.5 cm, right = 2.5 cm, bottom = 2.5 cm
  9. Title: centred, 14 Pt, bold face
  10. 1 blank line
  11. Author(s): centred, 12 Pt, First name, Second name (e.g. Alexander Kohler, Eszter Falusi and Matthias Köder)
  12. Affiliation / author’s address(es): use footnote(s), give the full name of your affiliation, full address, including Zip Code, City and Country Name
  13. 2 blank lines
  14. Key words: maximum 5. Letter size: 10 Pt.
  15. 1 blank line
  16. Text: 12 Pt, single spaced lines, text justified, to separate paragraphs use 6 Pt extra spacing at end of paragraph (not a blank line)
  17. This is a Short Communication style text: do not write an abstract!
  18. Structure your text with subtitles, e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Summary, 12 Pt, bold face, left justified. NO capitals! Keep the Summary section short.
  19. Tables: Insert tables in the text where appropriate.
    • Minimum size letter, signs, numbers: 8 Pt
    • Write title of table and legend on top of the table
    • Separate by 6 Pt extra spacing at end of table title (see separation of paragraphs)
    • Insert Table
    • Separate following text by 6 Pt extra spacing
  20. Figures: Insert Figures in the text where appropriate and follow rules for separation from text as in Point 19 (Tables). Position Figure Legend below the end of the figure. All figures, graphs or photographs can be in black/white or colour (see Point 1 / production as CD & Homepage). Use colour carefully and only where needed.

    Note: When deciding about B/W or Colour think about (i) readers making prints who only have a B/W printer available and (ii) the possibility of publishing a longer version of your paper based on your Short Communication in a Special Volume of the Archive of Hydrobiology Supplement Large Rivers, for which you can only use B/W figures and graphs!

  21. Submit your Short Publication including tables, figures or graphs in pdf-format, which will save any specialities of e.g. names, localities, etc which have special signs used in your national language.

    Note: Free recommended pdf-software such as PDF Creator is available in the Internet.

    Note: In case you still have problems contact the scientific committee in advance – that is before sending your final text to Vienna.

  22. Literature References: All publications referred to in the text shall include the name of the author/authors, or the author with the addition “et al.”, and the publication year in parentheses. All publications referred to in the text must be included in the reference list and vice versa.
  23. References shall appear as follows:

    Thienemann, A. (1931): Der Produktionsbegriff in der Biologie. – Arch. Hydrobiol. 22: 616-622.

    Hutchinson, G.E. (1957): A Treatise on Limnology. 1: 1-1015. Geography, Physics and Chemistry. – John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York; Chapman and Hall, Ltd. London.

    Lisicky, M. & Holubova, K. (1999): Danube in Slovakia. River – floodplains – water works. – Excursion guide. Religion, science and the environment, Symposium III. Bratislava-Gabcikovo, October 20, 1999, 17pp.

    In case of citations from book chapters:

    Somsak, L. (1999): Flora and vegetation conditions of floodplain ecosystems. – In: Mucha, I. (ed.): Gabcikovo part of the hydroelectric power project environmental impact review: 241- 246. Groundwater Consulting, Ltd., Bratislava.

  24. Following review process authors are obliged to make necessary changes according to reviewer’s recommendations.