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The conference will be held here

Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH
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Travelling information

Arrival by train from airport Wien Schwechat (VIE)
From the airport, trains (Railjet) via St. Pölten (change here to regional train) to Krems depart every hour between 7:03 and 23:03 (latest arrival at Krems 00:44), travel time approx. 1:40h. Before 8:03 and after 21:03, an additional change at Vienna Main Station (Wien Hbf) is necessary.

Arrival by train from Vienna Via St. Pölten: trains are leaving to St. Pölten from Vienna Main Station (Wien Hbf), Wien Meidling or Wien Westbahnhof. In St. Pölten, change to regional train to Krems (connections every hour).
Direct way: From Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof every hour from 5:05 till 00:05 (on Sunday from 6:05), and every 30 min between 14:05 and 20:05 during week-days.

Arrival by car Via St. Pölten (A1 and S33) or via Korneuburg (A22 and S5)
For parking, please ask at your hotel, daily guests can park in the parking house “Campus West”, Dr. Karl- Dorrek-Straße 23, 3500 Krems

For further information contact https://www.kl.ac.at/en/how-to-find-us

Conference Venue

Venue Site

Building Y - ground floor

Auditorium for oral presentations
Banquet hall for poster sessions & coffee breaks
Building Y - ground floor

Building Y – roof top

Sky-Lounge for discussion meetings
Sky-Lounge for discussion meetings